From there followed months of doctor visit after doctor visit.It all began when the Dr. examining my elbow (turns out I had a chip off the bone) remarked that I looked anemic.Mom and I took this seriously, because for weeks following the accident I had been sleeping all the time and had become progressively pale and ashen looking.I was afraid at the thought of bleeding inside or some strange disease as an alternative… but all tests showed up negative. I wasn’t anemic, I wasn’t experiencing internal bleeding, and the exhaustion wasn’t from Mono or Lyme Disease.

What was it? We decided it must simply be a phase I was going through… some trauma related to the accident which would eventually disappear.

But it didn’t… I was still falling asleep anywhere and at any time… after struggling to keep my eyes open in school, even on 9-12 hours of sleep, I would come home and fall asleep on our hardwood floor. There was definitely something wrong – but what? I had no other symptoms.

Then, about 3 months after the accident, I became horribly sick – I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach. I felt worse on certain days, and the migraines I had started having after the accident got so bad that I would often lie in bed for hours. I couldn’t sit at a computer for long without either falling asleep or getting a headache, and I was so sick that I stopped running (if you know me, you understand why that is significant :))

What was wrong? Was it a virus? Something that couldn’t be diagnosed?

The answer came through God’s sovereign intervention in the form of my dear friend, Beth. Through a set of circumstances, we began discussing a condition she had – something I had never heard of – Celiac’s disease/gluten sensitivity.

An allergy to bread that gives you headaches, makes you sleepy, and messes up your digestive system? I’d never heard of anything like that. And I loved bread! But… after recent and frightening episodes of falling asleep driving, being sick to my stomach all the time, frequent headaches and two serious incidents where I was so sick that I lay in bed for entire days, I was ready to try anything.

So I cut bread from my diet.
And felt better. Not all the way healed by any means, but better.
Then I found out that Celiac’s disease or gluten sensitivity includes way more than bread…

I stopped eating all oat, rye, barley, whole grain, spelt, kamut, wheat, and so much more. I stopped licking envelopes, threw out my facewash (made with wheat extract), checked labels on toothpaste and mouthwash and salad dressing…

I felt so much better – it was incredible. I was almost back to healthy sleep patterns, I had no vomiting episodes and few headaches – no migraines – but I still had some digestive issues. I discovered that if the villi in your stomach have been blunted in relation to a gluten sensitivity, you can’t process lactose.

So I gave it a try. I cut all milk products from my diet. And I felt incredible. I was rarely sick or nauseous and the headaches were almost gone. (At this point I had already realized I was additionally hypoglycemic – which entailed eating every 3 hours to keep my blood sugar levels correct and not eating sugar, which would spike my blood sugar, give me a headache, and send me cold and shaking to bed where I would sleep it off.)

I began to read up a little bit more on the triggers and complexities of gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, and hypoglycemia. I discovered a wealth of information hidden beneath a serious public ignorance concerning these issues.

And that’s only one of my reasons for beginning this blog.