I have a very gracious friend who is also a chef (I know, lucky me, right?) and decided to take an interest in what I can and cannot eat. So this gentleman whipped up a recipe that rivals the most aggravatingly splendid “normal” mac and cheese dish… this takes a little bit of work, but its a gourmet treat and completely dairy and gluten-free!

 Friendly Mac and Cheese


1 3/4 cup rice milk

6 egg yolks

4 oz tofutti “better than cream cheese”

2 T parmesan-flavored grated soy topping

1 bag brown rice pasta elbows

salt/pepper to taste


1. Bring large pot of water to boil (and cook pasta according to instructions whilst making the rest of the recipe, but do NOT rinse…)

2. Whisk milk/yolks in medium saucepot and heat mixture gradually over medium heat while whisking until yolks barely begin to scramble

3. Place mixture into blender, add cheese topping, salt, pepper, and blend

4. Drain pasta and combine with mixture

5. Add more topping, if desired!

Thank you, Jason! 🙂