Lemon-Almond Cake


1 1/2 C blanched slivered almonds

4 eggs, separated

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

4 Tbsp agave nectar

5 tsp lemon peel

pinch of salt


1. Preheat oven to 375

2. Grease/flour (with gluten-free flour) 9×15 cake pan and line with wax paper

3. Finely grind almonds with 1 Tbsp agave in food processor

4. Combine yolks, 1 Tbsp honey, lemon peel, cinnamon, and salt

5. Beat mixtrue until thick/smooth

6. Stir in almond mixture

7. Beat egg whites in large bowl (until soft peaks)

8. Fold in egg whites by spoonful to the rest of the mix

9. Transfer to pan and bake about 35 minutes

10. “Toothpick test” the cake (to make sure it comes out clean); remove and let cool

Bon appetite!