Who am I?

First and foremost, I am a sinner saved by the incredible, undeserved mercy and grace of God.

I am secondly a daughter, a sister, a friend. A church member, an editor, an artist, and an athlete.

I love to read the Word, to write and edit; time with my family, my church; singing (especially harmonizing), running; ethics discussion, being busy; organizing, photography, and design, and so much more. I love living!

There are three lessons I will never stop learning: Persistence, Dependence, and Surrender.

 I attempt to keep up two blogs: one is the product of my curious mind in the more pensive moments of my life, combined with reflections and studies on doctrine and the Word, and the other (this blog) is a product of my desire to help others who have gone through similar physical/health-related struggles as I have.

I trust that both will serve as a resource and encouragement to any who chance across them, and I welcome feedback and input on any of the respective content.


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